December 31st, 2013

Women in the Horror Small Press 2013

Three years ago, I looked at how female authors were faring in the world of small press horror (click here for that original entry). The results were, to put it mildly, dismal, with an average of 7.07% of the authors being female.

Since I'm about to participate in an HWA Roundtable on Sexism in Horror (and since - if anything - it seems to be an even bigger topic in 2013 than it was in 2010), here's an updated survey.

My brilliant methodology: I frankly didn't take the time to actually figure out which releases were from 2013, so in most of these cases I just used the company's current in-stock listings on their websites. If there were two or more authors listed on a book, I counted each one as a separate title. If the book was an anthology, I used only the editor. I tried not to include each edition of a book, but counted a book only once, regardless of separate listings for the e-book, signed/limited, etc. I wanted to include JournalStone, but I was having trouble accessing their website today. And yes, I know that Stephen King probably skews the results unfairly in the case of Cemetery Dance.

In one case (Chizine), I used their "Authors" page rather than a stock listing of books.

Bad Moon CD Chizine Dark Fuse Dark Regions PS Samhain TOTALS
Total Books/Authors: 100 58 50 67 70 75 94 514
Male Authors: 86 55 38 58 66 72 91 466
Female Authors: 14 3 12 9 4 3 3 48
% Female: 14.00 5.17 24.00 13.43 5.71 4.00 3.19 9.33

Yes, women horror writers have gained over TWO WHOLE PERCENT in the last three years. Try not to celebrate too loudly, now - we wouldn't want to disturb anyone, after all.

EDITED TO ADD: Sorry, I had to disable comments on this because I was getting spammed to death, not because I didn't want to continue the conversation...