February 10th, 2012

Wild Girls

Wild Girls coverAfter a lot of deliberation and discussion, I've decided it's time for me to take the self-published Kindle plunge. Yes, I've done it once before, with my anthology Halloween Spirits, but that was a collection of (mostly) reprint stories by big names. That book has done well for me...but I've been hesitant to try with a solo title, because I wasn't convinced I could sell more than a handful of copies.

The time has come to give it a shot, though, so I'm pleased to announce that, on February 12 (that's right - TWO DAYS FROM NOW!), I will be unleashing my novella Wild Girls on unsuspecting Kindles everywhere. For the first three days of its release, it will be free - that's right, totally effin' FREE - then will move to its regular princessly sum of 99 cents.

Since this is a self-publishing venture, I've decided to promote it with...a self-interview! It's an exciting new concept! Here we go:

So, Lisa, tell us a little about Wild Girls.

It's a novella that I've always thought of as one part parody, one part serious thriller, and two parts live hand grenade.

Uhhh...what? "Live hand grenade"?

It takes a pretty raw look at certain gender stereotypes in horror and flips 'em all upside-down.

Okay. And it's a parody?

Of "extreme fiction". 

So is it funny?

If you have a very, very black sense of humor. 

It's about female serial killers, right? 


There aren't exactly tons of female serial killers out there, though...

Well, not that we know of. The first story I ever sold ("Sane Reaction", which appeared in Dark Voices 6) was about a female serial killer, and it hypothesized that women might operate less from ego gratification than male killers, so they'd be less likely to essentially want to be caught. Now, mind you, I know there are no women out there operating like my ladies - we'd be hearing about them on the news - but that's why it's called "fiction".

Why did you decide to self-publish this? What, you couldn't sell it so you dumped it onto the vast Amazon wasteland?

I did write this novella a few years ago, but I've been sitting on it ever since, thinking that it needed just the right publisher - it didn't seem right for any of the wonderful presses I've worked with in the past, nor did it seem suited to any of the ones I haven't worked with. I finally decided that I just might be the perfect publisher for it. So here it is.

Why didn't it seem right for other publishers? Is it offensive in some way?

Well...yeah, it might be. One early reader told me not to publish it, and I considered that the ultimate affirmation that I HAD to publish it. It twists some of the ugliest parts of so-called "extreme fiction" - the rape and mutilation - in ways that I hope will cause certain readers to blurt out, "But...but...this is just not right!"  I will consider my work done at that point.

What are those two objects on the cover?

A pine cone and Mr. Nightstick.

I'm sorry I asked.

No you're not.

Will it win you another Stoker Award?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! God, sometimes I crack myself up.

Are you deliberately releasing it in time for Valentine's Day? That's kind of effed up.

Yes, it is. Thanks, Lisa. 

You're welcome, Lisa.