October 10th, 2010

The Samhanach is coming...

And now for some good news once again:

My new novella The Samhanach is now available for pre-order from Bad Moon Books. The book features knock-out cover art by Frank Walls:

...and two blurbs that make me all warm and fuzzy:

"Morton has disinterred centuries-old folklore to breathe life into a little-known Halloween monster. The Samhanach goes right to the crux of our deepest fears - the abduction of our children-and pits the power of family against the terror of a shapeshifting killer bent on revenge. Deeply and darkly disturbing."

- Lesley Bannatyne, author of Halloween: An American Holiday, an American History

"The Samhanach is a deceptively complex little book. Densely layered with Lisa Morton's encyclopedic knowledge of Halloween, it nonetheless moves with the lightning pace of a top-notch thriller. It evokes the Gothic through a family curse, the terror and wonder of the faery realm, the horror of arcane rights and ceremonies, yet still manages a delightfully scathing critique of what modern American suburbia has done to this ancient custom. Lisa Morton has recaptured Halloween and made it terrifying again. I found The Samhanach brilliant through and through."

- Joe McKinney, author of Quarantined and Apocalypse of the Dead

Reserve your copy now and keep Halloween going past October!

The Samhanach

(Huge thanks to Lesley and Joe for those fabulous blurbs, Frank Walls for the astonishing cover art, and everybody at Bad Moon.)