May 20th, 2010

The new and improved Dark Delicacies!

Ricky and I spent part of this weekend helping Sue and Del move Dark Delicacies, and America's only all-horror book and gift shop officially re-opened today in their new location.

This is a big step up for them, I think. They have a better location now (3512 W. Magnolia Blvd. in Burbank, one block east of the ever-busy Porto's Bakery), with more foot traffic and more square footage.

Sue is the decorating mastermind, and I think the store's new color scheme of rich dark green and red, with white columns, is really very attractive. Here's the view from the front:

I love this elegant corner near the front; those of you familiar with the old space may recognize the former "Spider Lady" in her new guise as "Lantern Lady":

The books seem to be a little easier to navigate as well now:

And the toys and figures get their own corner, too - no more being crammed into dark little alcoves in the back:

And just because this is like the greatest toy I've ever seen:

You may have noticed one big thing wrong with all of these photos: There are no people in them. Yep, I was in the new store at noon on opening day, and I was all alone (until the fabulous John Palisano appeared). What are you all waiting for? Get out and support the only brick-and-mortar all-horror bookstore in America!