February 9th, 2010

The Little Anthology That Could climbs another hill

Midnight Walk has just won the Black Quill Award for Best Dark Genre Anthology (we were the Editor's Choice; the Reader's Choice went to Ellen Datlow's splendid Poe anthology).

I'm very happily stunned, and can't thank Armand, Del, George, Jason, Jodi, Joey, John, Kelly, Lisa (Majewski), Mike, Rich, Ricky, and Vince enough for giving me great stories - and then allowing me to tear them apart. Because, you see, I'm a very hands-on editor. Whether it comes as a result of being a perfectionist, or being a writer myself, I don't know...but I occasionally made all of their lives a living hell with my notes (and notes, and more notes), and I'm amazed and grateful that they put up with me.

I also owe a special debt of thanks to our keen-eyed and patient copy editor Jodi Kaplan-Lester. Jodi was an integral part of polishing Midnight Walk, and I think we all learned a thing or two from her.

Thanks again, entire Midnight Walk crew, and thanks to Dark Scribe's editors for this wonderful recognition.