December 8th, 2009

The weirdest sound I've ever heard

I spent last night at home (sick with a norovirus I apparently acquired from some naughty oysters), meaning my two cats started crying for their 6 p.m. dinner at 4:45. I stopped running long enough to feed them, then crawled back into bed.

A few minutes later Roxie the Genius joined me. As we were snuggling down, we suddenly heard Sylvia (my timid little black cat) meowing in the living room. It started with a few basic, low meows, only slightly unusual (since Sylvia never makes any sound)...

...and suddenly it sounded for all the world as if there was a small child in my living room jabbering loudly in its own small-child language. I mean, this lunatic noise was complete with vowels, consonants, inflections...It was utterly astonishing, and went on for about 30 seconds, during which time Roxie and I stared at each other in mute disbelief.

I got up then to see what could possibly have provoked this display, and of course Sylvia was seated placidly in the living room, giving herself her after-dinner bath, and looking at me with that "What?!" kind of expression. Utterly quiet. No sign of anything unusual, nothing outdoors, everything absolutely normal.

The only possible explanations are:

1) The thermometer was lying and my fever was much higher than a mere 99.6.
2) Sylvia was briefly possessed by the spirit of a very talkative child ghost.
3) There really was a child in here, and it's now living in secret in our kitchen cabinets.
4) Sylvia can talk, and forgot that one of the stupid humans was unexpectedly present in the other room.

I'm opting for #4. Now if I can just learn the language...