December 4th, 2009

A new home for my Asian horror cinema ramblings...

My "East is Red" column is now comfortably ensconced in Nickolas Cook's e-zine THE BLACK GLOVE:

The East is Red #7.

The December installment deals with the curious phenomenon of Hong Kong's "blood thrillers" - those over-the-top contemporary action flicks that are so bloody and intense they cross the line from thriller to horror. Examples cited include Soi Cheang's artfully demented Dog Bite Dog, Derek Yee's One Nite in Mongkok (featuring one of my all-time favorite villains, "Walter"), and Tsui Hark's blacker-than-black Dangerous Encounter - 1st Kind.

And, as I note in the article...One Nite in Mongkok is probably my favorite Christmas film. Killings, ultraviolence, rape, and humiliation, all set on Christmas Eve! Happy holidaze, everyone!