October 30th, 2009

Trick or Treat - ONLINE!!

Yeah, okay...you all know this is my time of year. If I can brag a bit - it's probably safe to say that I know more about Halloween than anyone else.

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you've probably read about some of the local activities I like, including the Griffith Park Ghost Train and the House at Haunted Hill. But what about some cool stuff for those of you who may not be SoCal-ians?

Here, then, without further adieu, are five great online places you can go for some luscious Halloween tricks and treats:
TRIP NO. 1: Yeah, okay, so my ego knows no bounds and the first place I'm sending you is to my own site...but damn, it's a cool place. Want to see a collection of vintage postcards (many of which have appeared in a recent National Geographic special and the documentary on the Blu-ray supplement of Trick 'R Treat)? You can also take a look at the web's most complete illustrated bibliography of Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos books, some history, other collectibles, and more. Sneaky confession: I use this site frequently myself, especially when considering a new purchase - with the books especially it's the only way I can keep from duplicating myself!

TRIP NO. 2: Yes, I know this one is a bit of a cheat because it's a subsection of my site, but I just added this and think it's fun: Now you can both look at and hear vintage Halloween noisemakers in action! Yes, I actually recorded the sounds of all these little beauties, and now you, too, can gain full appreciation of how effective these were at annoying generations of crotchety adults. BE WARNED: Some of these things are really, really annoying - and more power to 'em!

TRIP NO. 3: Head on over to the awesome Scribd and read my pal John Palisano's fun and creepy Halloween story "The Outlaws of Hill County". John introduces a new classic Halloween monster, the Longfellow, and throws in an outlaw biker gang for good measure - what's not to love! And heck, as long as you're at Scribd, you can (yes, it's me again) read my "Five Scariest Traditional Halloween Stories.

TRIP NO. 4: Check out my favorite Halloween artist, the amazing Matthew Kirscht. I've been a fan of Matthew's work for several years; I just adore his mix of retro-vintage Halloween style and his own witty, mad sensibility. I'm proud to say I own several original Kirscht works (including the one pictured here), but you don't have to spend a lot to get a cool, signed Kirscht postcard - he sells 'em right there on his website for as little as $16.00. He's also put out three books of his Halloween work, all titled "10/31" - if the newest one is still available, it's totally worth the dough.

TRIP NO. 5: - Although the Hallowed Haunting Grounds left this mortal world in 2005, the website will give you a taste of what was the world's greatest haunted yard display for 30 years (and yes, I'm not saying that only as a proud Angeleno - these guys really were famous all over the world, with frequent coverage in Halloween and haunted attraction publications). I still miss 'em, but I'm thrilled that I got to visit them many times over the years, and I'm also happy that I got to include them in The Halloween Encyclopedia. Simply the most amazingly detailed, beautiful, and moody Halloween display ever.

Enjoy, everyone!