October 3rd, 2009

Only slightly charred books for sale

This is an actual ad being passed around among booksellers right now (complete with original grammar and punctuation):

"i found a thousand books in a aboned house that had caught fire, 1 dollar a book or best offer for package deal. anyway the books are a bit burnt and wet but can be dried out and still readable on some parts of the pages cant really tell what the words say but you could clean them up put them in your den or study that way when people come to your house and see them they will respect you because they will think you read books. i would keep them and i hate to get rid of them but i quit reading a long time ago when i finished highschool. any way. will entertain trading if you have something of equal value like a good running legal car no junk please these books use to not be junk. or a big screen t.v h.d l.c.d wall mount type at least 48 inch. or land that you dont really use anymore or a 3 bedroom trailor with utilities fully furnished or just cash thanx for looking will post pics later after i figure out how to use this camera, i threw the instructions away "