September 7th, 2009

The CASTLE trailer

With the current craze for book trailers, I thought it would be fun to put together one for THE CASTLE OF LOS ANGELES. However, after watching a ton of recent book trailers, I've decided that many of them make two big mistakes: 1) they're too slow/too long (almost the same complaint, really); and 2) they try to cram too much of a book's narrative into a trailer. I decided I wanted something short and punchy for CASTLE, so I'm going for a simple, 30-second thing that intercuts images with one-word title cards. Here, for example, is the image that immediately follows the word "Madness":

And here's the one that follows "History":

My pal Rick Pickman and I are working now to create the images; we've finished about half so far (there'll be eight total). One will be a sneaky bit of animation, but the rest are stills like these, all of which accurately reflect something from the book.

In 'n' out, baby - that's my philosophy!