August 28th, 2009

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So I guess the only time I can get to LJ these days is when I'm sick. Yep, I've managed to acquire some flu bug or other; nothing quite so fun as experiencing chills when the temperature in the bedroom is nearly 90 degrees. At least the inferno in my throat has died back to tolerable levels today.

Otherwise, I'm enjoying the mad rush of having two books released at almost exactly the same time: My novella The Lucid Dreaming and my novel The Castle of Los Angeles will both be basically stepping out at KillerCon. Lucid's review copies have already gone out, and here are quotes from the first two reviews: says it's "lively" and seriously diverges from other entries in the post-apocalyptic subgenre, and "The fade out is also quite cool, with one of the most memorable final lines I’ve encountered in some time"; and Nick Cato says "Morton's novella is a fresh take on the apocalyptic thing, complete with interesting social commentary, a cult of brainwashed rednecks, and much food for thought. And with a satisfyingly eerie conclusion, you can't go wrong with this LUCID DREAM" (Nick's review will also be appearing soon at Horror Fiction Review). So we're off to a good start.

Castle's review copies will go out in mid-September. Amusingly enough, last night's fever dreams all centered on Castle. Guess that's not really so surprising, since that book is important to me for a number of reasons, not least of which is that it's my first novel to be published.

And as if Lucid and Castle weren't enough, I've also got Savage Detours: The Life and Work of Ann Savage coming in late October.

And Midnight Walk continues a run of perfect rave reviews, with the latest from Rue Morgue - I haven't seen it yet, but it apparently includes lines like "may just shed some light on the future direction of horror literature." Gulp. One of these days I'll have to post an essay here and come clean about the creation of Midnight Walk; suffice to say that, in my continuing arrogance, I really believed the anthology was special, and it's nice to see the reviews...uhhh...backing up my hubris (!).

While all of this is certainly making for an interesting 2009, it's also put me into a tiny panic for 2010 - at this point I don't have a single thing currently scheduled for release in 2010, not even a short story (well, okay, that's a tiny lie - there's one short story that's 90% a sure thing for 2010, but I never count those chickens until the contract is signed). There are (as always) lots of things out there in submission right now (including the novella Wild Girls, which I still think of as a live grenade waiting to be lobbed into the middle of the small press horror world), but no firm sales. I'd hate to finally reach the point where readers might actually WANT more from me, and have nothing to offer them.

I know, I'm probably stressing over nothing, but that's a writer's life for ya, eh?

And now for the spam:

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You can also pre-order The Lucid Dreaming at Horror Mall.

You can get Midnight Walk (aka "The Little Anthology That Could") in either hard copy or Kindle form at Amazon.