August 13th, 2009

Is it December already?

Who told garybraunbeck that it was my birthday? (It's not - that happens in December.) Because today I received the best present imaginable. Let me give you just a tiny taste:

"...the second half of this story brilliantly plays with the notion of the “fourth wall,” as well as the Observer Effect, all of it given the ring of authenticity by Morton’s own professional background and her wickedly inventive imagination. The writing here is a model of clarity, the characters immediately recognizable and with whom the reader can empathize, the threat that rears its head is both horrific and heart-rending (my favorite kind). And the structure of the story reaches a level of grand tragedy – genuine tragedy – that is too often missing in dark fiction. (Morton also has an equally wicked sense of humor that will take you by surprise more than once.)"

- from Gary A. Braunbeck's introduction to my forthcoming novel The Castle of Los Angeles. To say I'm grateful and stunned and ecstatic would be...well, roughly accurate.