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July 26th, 2009

The dog days of summer

This hasn't been my favorite July so far. My mom's been in the hospital three times. Zola the One-Eyed Pirate Kitty had $600 worth of surgery (but is doing great now). The car flunked its smog test and has already racked up $1200 in repair bills, with more to come. It's been broiling, with intermittent A/C at work (while it's being upgraded). My poor friend haceldama has been in the hospital twice over the last week. And I continue to wait on a number of big submissions. And wait. And wait.

If you think that's made it hard for me to focus...you'd be right. I continue to work through The World's Most Difficult Short Story. I did manage to finish the website for Savage Detours. But I've mainly spent too much time worrying, juggling bills and trying to deal with mom's medical situations.

I am SO looking forward to fall.