June 11th, 2009

Stoker Weekend Day 1

For most, the Stoker Weekend will start tomorrow, but for John Little and I it began yesterday. John arrived at the Marriott about 6 p.m., and the fabulous John Palisano and I trucked over around 40 boxes of goody bag swag, party supplies and trophies. We had 10 superb volunteers who met at the hotel and helped us assemble the bags in record time (and boy are those bags packed full!). It was delightful to see Deborah LeBlanc, Nanci Kalanta and my two favorite Johns again (okay, that sounds weird...), and I finally got to meet my UNSPEAKABLE HORROR editor Vince Liaguno, who was just as wonderful as I'd guessed he'd be.

The day had an interesting start, too: I was interviewed at a studio in Hollywood for the supplementary materials on an upcoming Warner Bros. DVD release. I could learn to love the Hollywood makeover and the star treatment (and it didn't hurt that the interviewer had taken the time to do his own research - he was terrific (hi, Steven!)).

Today will be a mishmash of small Stoker details, like buying mass quantities of booze, picking up some last-minute printing, and assembling the trophies. Tonight's the big signing at Dark Delicacies, which I'm sure will be an insane blast. I may not have time to post tomorrow, but rest assured pictures will be forthcoming soon...