June 8th, 2009


As we wind down to the start of the Stoker Weekend (which is Wednesday for me), here are a few miscellaneous bits which I'm incapable of turning into longer posts at this point:

- Zola's internet stardom continues to grow, as this new article at mentalfloss.com indicates: http://ping.fm/sU3v8 . Thanks, "Miss Cellania"!

- This Wednesday morning, I'm going to be interviewed on the history of Halloween for the supplementary materials to the DVD of TRICK OR TREAT (yay, I get to wear my favorite Halloween blouse in June!).

- John Little and I have decided to read the first two chapters of our co-author novella at the Stoker Weekend (I will also be reading from my novelette "Diana and the Goong-si").

- Finally got my contribs copies of Cemetery Dance #60, which features my story "The Devil Came to Mamie's on Hallowe'en".

- Wanna see the year's best movie? (Well, actually, that's a lie - it was released theatrically at the end of 2008). It's the Hong Kong martial arts epic IP MAN, starring Donnie Yen as the real-life sifu and wing chun expert who taught (among others) Bruce Lee. The film won Best Picture as this year's Hong Kong Film Awards, and it's gorgeous, with stunning art direction, cinematography and score...and some of the best Old Skool fighting onscreen in years. And be sure to watch for The Human Wishbone!