June 2nd, 2009

Countdown week

Here we are in the last home stretch run-up to the Stoker Weekend, and I'm feeling it, lemme tell ya. My eyes are sunken. My butt hurts from being plastered in this chair for weeks. Lots of "Where did I put that piece of paper?" going on.

But you know...it's all coming together in a pretty spectacular fashion.

There are a few things I regret not having had time to do. We never did get to coordinate things with the Southern California Crime Writers Conference. We'd really wanted to include gaming and (especially) graphic novels in the programming (the latter exclusion is especially embarrassing given that Steve Niles is local). We'd hoped to focus more on genre crossovers, with at least a panel on hardboiled mystery-meets-horror. But truthfully, our schedule is already so packed that we couldn't shoehorn in one more thing.

On the flipside, we've got a lot of stuff I never thought we'd have (thanks largely to the efforts of John Little): Spectacular giveaways for the opening ceremonies. Four amazing sponsored parties (five, if you count the Midnight Walk launch on Sunday afternoon!). Extra press coverage for attending authors. A delightful surprise or two for the banquet and awards presentation.

It'll be amazing. But I will be really, really glad when it's over and I can go back to writing. There's a novel that's been percolating in my brain long enough now to start throwing tantrums over being caged up. Two short story invites. Some odds and ends.

In the meantime...we really ARE almost sold out, but because the hotel told us we didn't need to deliver the banquet meal counts until June 5th, we've extended the deadline to purchase tickets until midnight on June 3rd, so you've got a day-and-a-half left, if you haven't bought one yet. Just click here, go to "Register", and we've provided a handy-dandy Paypal link.

Oh, and nick_kaufmann is so hot.