May 13th, 2009

The Castle of Los Angeles

I've been so busy with the Stoker Weekend and getting the Ann Savage book out (it leaves my sweaty and cramped little hands tomorrow and flies off to McFarland, yay!) that I've kind of forgotten a pretty big announcement:

I've sold my first novel, The Castle of Los Angeles, to the British publisher Gray Friar Press. The book will be released this fall, and will include an introduction by one of my favorite writers/people, haceldama (Gary A. Braunbeck).

And my first blurb for the book left me weak-kneed and goofy for most of a day:

"She makes the familiar new, the commonplace fresh and more interesting than I had thought it
was, and nourishing in unexpected ways. That she many not yet recognize this aspect of her work is no surprise, since it is the result of a creative process she performs as a matter of course. But she deserves my special thanks for digesting our particular world and giving it back to me in another form, colored by an intelligence that is, whether she knows it or not, as unique as a fingerprint." - Dennis Etchison

(By the way, that's just an excerpt, because it was a REALLY long blurb!)