May 5th, 2009

(no subject)

John Little must surely be the most patient man in the world, because he's now put up with an insane amount of e-mails from me about the schedule for the Stoker Weekend. I know it's ridiculous to think we can come up with a perfect schedule that everyone will love, but - being the overfunctioner that I apparently am - I keep trying. And trying.

So...if you're interested in being part of the programming for the Stoker Weekend and you haven't heard from me yet, you probably will soon. If I ever stop rewriting this thing, that is. I swear, I've rewritten this schedule more than any piece of writing now.

We've also just reached 200 members for the weekend, which thrills me no end. And we're talking about a couple of fun surprises, like some giveaways for the opening ceremonies.

And in lieu of a truly traditional Dead Dog Party...we're having the signing for MIDNIGHT WALK on Sunday afternoon at 2 p.m. At this point 13 of the 14 contributors have agreed to attend (including one flying in from Oklahoma!), so it's gonna be fun. If you're around for the Stokers and not suffering from your post-Stoker-bash hangover, c'mon by!