April 29th, 2009

(no subject)

How many projects can one person work on at once? Well, it's currently this many for me:

1) John Little and I are trying to work through programming right now for the Stoker Weekend. We don't have a ton of panels, but we also have readings, signings, workshops, kaffeeklatches and pitch sessions, so it's a lot of work. And don't worry - if you indicated that you want to participate in the above and haven't heard from us yet, you will soon. I should also be getting the nomination certificates out this week and I've started laying out the program book.

2) The Ann Savage book is due in basically two weeks. Still lots of proofreading and photo selection to work through.

3) Yesterday we started the bookstore's expansion. Yep, that's right - an independent bookstore that's actually GROWING. We'll be doubling our current size. All well and good - except it means extra work for me. Right now. Of course.

4) Still trying to finish up the MIDNIGHT WALK anthology. My part as editor is basically done, and the publisher's website should be set up soon. We have a top-notch copy editor putting her finishing touches to this thing right now, then it should be hitting the presses. The first major signing is happening in conjunction with the Stoker Weekend. More news soon.

5) I've just been invited into a major anthology, but the story I've been asked to contribute will require a fair amount of research. But it's fun research, mainly consisting of lots of zombie movie-watching.

6) There's...well, something incredibly cool happening that I'm not comfortable talking about yet, but I just received my first blurb for it, and I'm still reeling in happy shock. The blurb was from a writer who has been one of my mentors over the last dozen years. Can't wait to share it. Soon...

7) Writing a novella with the amazing John Little. It's at about the halfway point. It's got a really cool title (which I'm not giving away yet!) and an incredibly complicated plot that requires me to re-read everything we've done already whenever I have to write another chapter for it.

8) And the usual amount of boring grunt work I perform as HWA's treasurer. Preparing tax stuff. Logging dues payments. Answering incredibly stupid letters in which the writers call themselves "amitures" and then wonder why agents aren't writing them back.

Don't even ask about my laundry.