April 19th, 2009

Happy Ann Day

Today was the Ann Savage tribute at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, and I think it was a wonderful celebration of the life of this very unique actress and woman. Eddie Muller, Kent Adamson, Alan K. Rode and yours truly spoke about Ann and her career, clips from many movies were screened, Guy Maddin sent a fabulous personal video essay about what Ann meant to him ("I wanted to be pistol-whipped by her!"), a beautiful print of 1943's PASSPORT TO SUEZ was screened, and a screening of MY WINNIPEG rounded the day off. Afterward we repaired to Miceli's for a delightful meal together, during which Eddie and I sang the praises of Ann, RENEGADE GIRL and Tom Piccirilli (hi, Pic!).

I had fun talking to an audience about the undiscovered gem of RENEGADE GIRL. I basically did a Q&A with Eddie, which made it easy on me. Everyone told me after that Eddie and I made a great pair, which I take as the highest of compliments.

I also loved the idea that the event took place at the Egyptian, because in 1943 Ann went to see the world premiere of her movie KLONDIKE KATE at the same theater. KLONDIKE KATE was the Columbia vehicle that should have made Ann a star; unfortunately, the material just wasn't up to her incredible charisma. But I'm sure she would have loved the appropriateness of her star being celebrated at the same theater 65 years later.

Now to finish up the Ann book. Coming up on the finish line...