March 17th, 2009

I want it all

This arrived in the store today:

Best item on the cover (upper left): "U-Control 7-Foot Monster Ghost 95¢"

Best items from inside: "Realistic Skull Glows in Dark $3.95"; "3-Dimensional Bug House $1.19"; "Atomic Energy Lab - Atomic cloud chamber with projector illuminator. See the vapor trails of alpha and beta particals (sic) and of cosmic rays...$14.95"; "The Living Sea-Gem - Seaquarium on Chain! See Live Sea Monkeys Swim & Play inside your Miniature Aquarium. Worn by men or women as necklace....these adorable mini-pets do stunts, follow light beam, etc....$1.25"; "Golden Dragon Love Lamp...$1.95"; and of course...a rubber Frankenstein mask for $2.95.

Ahh, but for a time machine...