March 6th, 2009

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Last night's strange (well, for me at least) dream: I was a mob boss, engaged in some kind of nefarious activity (I think it might have been counterfeiting, but I'm not sure). My gang and I were working out of a house we'd rented in an incredibly typical new tract development, where all the houses looked exactly alike. We'd set up operations in the basement, and everything was going well...until the day I went for a walk, and spotted an obvious small army of cops approaching. I realized they were coming for us, and I didn't have time to go back and sound the alarm, so I just started walking in the opposite direction, figuring I didn't have a chance but had to try. I remembered I was wearing a colorful jacket that somehow tied me to the gang, so I tore it off and stuffed it down a storm drain, then kept walking. I was suddenly aware of how I looked, and it certainly wasn't me - I was tall, very thin, had long straight black hair, and was wearing a frilly white blouse, black skirt and black boots. I kept walking, hoping to go unnoticed, fully expecting to hear a voice behind me telling me to stop any second...but I didn't. The cops all pulled in to begin the raid at the house just as I turned a corner, and I knew I was getting away. I suddenly felt exhilarated at having escaped. I was sorry I hadn't been able to warn the others, but I knew they'd be glad I'd gotten away.

I have no idea what that means, what it has to do with anything. Apparently some part of me thinks I've gotten away with something. Something pretty cool.

Well, okay...maybe I have a slight idea what this might be about...
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