February 25th, 2009

Ahh, education...

Good thing our President's all for improving education, because here are three conversations that have occurred at the bookstore, all within the last week alone:

CONVERSATION #1 starts with a woman calling on the phone:

Her: My daughter needs this book for school: Pan's Labyrinth, by...uh...G...R...I...uh...

Me: Guillermo del Toro.

Her: Oh, good, you know the book -

Me: It's not a book. It's a movie. (I double check just to be sure it hasn't recently come out in a novelization). Nope. Only a movie.

Her: But...but...her teacher assigned it to the entire class to read...

CONVERSATION #2 involves another suburban mom who is picking up a book for her kid - she's asked for Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.

Her: Do you have any other editions?

Me: Sure.

(I hand her three other editions. She riffles through them all, looking increasingly confused. Finally:)

Her: But...these are in play form!

CONVERSATION #3 is a little boy who can't find a book he needs. We've searched everywhere, but don't have it. He's trying to be helpful, and suddenly brightens with this line:

Him: I know it's about 250 pages long. Do you arrange your books by page count?