February 9th, 2009

Mad Italians are Sometimes Right

Yesterday Ricky and I went to Fry's. I told him I wanted to grab a small cheap USB flash drive to use as a backup for HWA's financial data. I was planning on spending no more than twenty bucks.

Silly me. I went to Fry's...WITH A GUY. I walked out with some $90 gadget that will apparently back up the entire history of the known universe. It's even got extra doodads and glowy lights.

And all around me at Fry's I heard similar conversations between male-female pairs: "Nah, hon, that's just not big enough/fast enough/expensive enough/cool enough. Get this one, and yeah, I know it's about ten times as much..."

This has put me all in mind of a producer I once worked with whom I fondly referred to as The Mad Italian. Luigi (yes, that was really his name) was a handsome and hyperactive guy with a thick accent (I used to love how the word "visualize" came out of his mouth as "vigilize") and some interesting philosophies about life.

"Some jobs need a cock," he intoned once to a car full of us, "and some jobs need a pussy. Director needs a cock. Continuity needs a pussy." I am delighted to add that, by the end of that particular show Luigi admitted to me that a pussy could have done just fine as director.

But otherwise...y'know, Luigi was right about that in some regards. Shopping for electronics, for example.