January 18th, 2009

Laying Ann to rest

Services were held at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery today for Ann Savage. Kent organized a lovely celebration, with remembrances by Eddie Muller, Arianne Ulmer Cipes and of course Kent. We heard about Ann forcing Eddie onto his knees so he could view her considerable arsenal and receive a warning of "Don't ever cross me!"; we heard about 80something Ann haughtily telling an officious Canadian customs man that she "came from Hollywood" and her occupation was "movie star, honey!"; and a lovely lady named Ruth who was a galpal of Ann's told us that Ann always told her never to use drinking straws because they'd result in permanent tiny creases to the lips.

Afterwards, Ann's urn (well, they call it an urn, although it's really a box) was placed atop that containing the ashes of her beloved husband Bert:

Kent placed a few tokens around the box, things that held meaning for Ann: Her membership card to a film charity she worked with; a lovely photo of the older Ann; an award she won for speed flying; a clock (she was quite the time-watcher).

For any of you who might like to pay Ann a visit some day, she resides in the Hall of Solomon at the south end of the cemetery, bordering Paramount Studios; enter the hall, turn right and go all the way to the end. Halfway down, you can stop and visit Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel as well.

Even though I couldn't say I knew Ann, I also feel fortunate in that, in many ways, my acquaintance with her is still alive and well, and I plan on knowing her for quite some time. Here's Ann from the pressbook for Renegade Girl, looking just the way she should: Beautiful, strong, forceful and stylish. That's my Ann.