January 5th, 2009

Unfortunate product titling

Yesterday Ricky and I had one of our expeditions to the San Gabriel Valley: First we enjoyed a Christmas present of tickets to a Chinese New Year's performance put on by a brilliant classical Chinese dance company; then it was onto FiveStarLaser for a couple of new movies (John Woo's RED CLIFF, the live-action DEATHNOTE); then our current favorite restaurant, Korean Tofu House; and lastly a bit of shopping at the 99 Ranch Market.

While perusing their cookie shelves looking for a green tea-filled cake I like, I noticed a new product near the display of Pocky. This newbie had stolen the design of the Pocky box (right down to the font), and had come up with what they undoubtedly thought was a fabulously clever name. I think you'll understand why I didn't buy a box, however, when I tell you that the name was...