December 21st, 2008

Oh yeah, the holidays are happy...

For some reason the holidays always seem to bring the demanding narcissists out of the closet, and this year they all seem to be converging on HWA. Yes, HWA's mailbox lately has been full of long e-mail screeds demanding instant membership and Stoker recognition. I of course always make the mistake of trying to diplomatically explain the rules and regulations, but after having my inbox fill up with more endless diatribes I have to finally just cut 'em off and say "nevermore".

And I know, I should probably be saying that to HWA in general.

But then I remind myself of all the good people who are in my life as a result of HWA, some of whom have become dear friends - people like John Little and Hank Schwaeble and haceldama and nick_kaufmann and John Palisano and Deborah Leblanc and franfriel and karenetaylor and heck, even ladyeuthanasia and I first met at an HWA LA meeting.

So, here's some big holiday stocking stuffer shoutouts to all of the good 'uns for making me not totally doubt my sanity.

Now, how 'bout we all join in a big Christmas blanket party, track down the nimrods and make them die slowly. Yay!