December 3rd, 2008

In Memory of Joe McGee

Most of you have probably already heard of the passing of young horror writer Joseph McGee. Joe died in his sleep on Thanksgiving of complications from diabetes. He was 23.

Unfortunately I never met Joe, but I've exchanged a few e-mails with him throughout the year, beginning when he sent me what was essentially an extraordinary fan letter. Joe was going over submissions for an anthology and was very taken with my story. He wrote me a very kind letter that wasn't just some "This story ROCKED" crap, but went into detail about exactly why the story worked so well for him.

Joe had absolutely nothing to gain by sending that (God knows I can't do anything to help anyone else's career). But he certainly did win over my regard. He recently sent me a Christmas card, and I was planning on finding a really special one to send back to him.

Unfortunately Joe's gone now. I won't be buying that card, and I'll never get to meet Joe.

But maybe there's something else I can do in Joe's memory, so I'm doing it now: Joe was a selfless guy in other areas, too. He was involved in helping out needy families at Thanksgiving, and had been planning a similar drive for Christmas.

Hey, I know it's the holidays and we're in a recession and a lot of charities are begging for your money...but giving a brighter holiday to a hungry family in the memory of a fine man we lost far too early doesn't seem like such a bad way to spend a few bucks, does it? Here's the info on Joe's charity:

"As some of you may know, Joey collected contributions to help feed needy families on Thanksgiving. It has been brought to our attention that he was also planning on doing the same for families on Christmas. We want to honor Joey's wish and collect and help these families for him. So, in his memory we are asking you to donate as little or as much as you'd like.

You can send donations via PayPal to and please write in the note section that it is a Christmas Donation; Checks and Money orders can be sent to:

Christmas Donations
C/O Karin Conte
PO Box 70514
Worcester, MA 01607

Because of the time, we must cut off online/internet and mail-in donations by December 19, 2008."

It'll probably take you less than 2 minutes to throw a few dollars at PayPal. I'll even provide a link:

Thank you. This one's for you, Joe.