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December 1st, 2008

The Black Quill Awards

I just found out that A Hallowe'en Anthology is a non-fiction nominee in the 2nd Annual Black Quill Awards:


Y'know, I'll confess that a year ago, when I saw the nominees for the first annual Black Quills, I was kind of dismissive. Yeah, I thought, just what we need - more awards from some joint that'll be gone in a year.

Well, Dark Scribe is still here, and I've had the very great pleasure of being part of their first anthology, Unspeakable Horror (which really is one of the most well-done small print anthologies I've ever seen), and I've learned that these guys are THE REAL THING. They're knowledgeable about the genre, they get that publishing is a business, and they're in for the long haul.

All of which is the roundabout way of saying...thank you, Dark Scribe. I'm honored to be part of the nominations list for this year's Black Quills.