November 17th, 2008

Ann: The Beginning

I've just watched Ann Savage's first movie. It's 1943's One Dangerous Night, which was an entry in a popular series of films now nearly forgotten: The "Lone Wolf" movies, starring the very erudite Warren William as Michael Lanyard, reformed jewel thief and intrepid adventurer.

Ann appeared in two of the Lone Wolf films, this one and, a few years later, Passport to Suez (which was the first Hollywood film directed by Andre de Toth, who went on to make House of Wax, among other things). Although her part in the later entry was a co-starring role, her 10 minutes or so of screen time in this one are stunning. She bursts onto the screen with an energy that immediately marks her as now owning this movie, then proceeds to tie up our hero and seduce him (yes, while he's tied up) by messing up that perfectly-coiffed hair:

This is about fifteen films before Detour. The start of her career.

How is it possible that this woman was never a major star?!