October 26th, 2008

Halloween happenings

Last night was the Book of Lists: Horror signing/reading at the lovely Skylight Books in Los Feliz. Well, actually...the reading part took so long we left little time for the signing part. But the readings were fantastic - about a dozen contributors read, including John Skipp, Victor Salva, Ann Magnuson, Eric Shapiro (whom I hadn't seen in years, and I don't know why), F. X. Feeney, all three editors, and a bunch more. Unfortunately I have no pictures (yet - hopefully that will be remedied), despite chatting with a lovely lady who seemed to be the official photographer and told me she had a hard time with horror because her Native American grandmother believed in spirits. Oh, and the staff of Skylight blew me away when they pulled out copies of A Hallowe'en Anthology for me to sign and told me they'd bought it after reading the rave review in Rue Morgue.

Then, tonight it was onto the Haunted Train Ride at Griffith Park. Yeah, I know...it's for the kiddies. We were like the only adults there not accompanied by someone under 12. It's amazing they even let us on. But damn - we loved it. They've taken the kiddie train ride (you straddle this weird tiny little train for the ride) and decked it out with great pizzazz. How can you not love the outhouse with the skeleton perched on the toilet while the loudspeaker plays "Moon River" behind him? Of course there were the usual animated skeletons, tunnels of spiders, ghosts flying on wires, evil carnivals, and fog. Lots and lots of fog...

(We couldn't take pictures during the actual train ride, so Ricky shot this amusing photo of the zombies - er, patrons filing in).

We were, of course, hoping to glimpse the spirit of Petranilla Feliz at some point (my favorite real-life Griffith Park historical figure, as you'll know if my last novel finds a home!), but the closest we came was a dancing Dia de Los Muertos skeleton. Ah well...she woulda just cursed us and killed us anyway.