October 18th, 2008

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I don't know why I'm perpetually astonished to receive good reviews, but I am...so I'm especially floored by the review of A HALLOWE'EN ANTHOLOGY in the new issue of RUE MORGUE. I love the fact that they start by telling you that you can't get this stuff from Wikipedia. The review (by Liisa Ladouceur) ends with: "If you just want facts, Morton's earlier HALLOWEEN ENCYCLOPEDIA may be a better book for you, but for deeper understanding of the folklore, customs and literature related to October 31, this anthology is a must-have all year round."

Talk about Happy Halloween...!

BTW, McFarland has kindly agreed to make the book available in a PDF for awards consideration, so if any of you reading this would like to consider the book for recommending or voting please drop me an e-mail at lisa at lisamorton.com and I'll get you set up. Thanks.