October 6th, 2008

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Just took a break from Ann Savage to spend a few days with Dad for the big 80th birthday. Saw relatives I haven't seen in twenty years, foolishly tried to keep up with their drinking superpowers, and ate at astonishing restaurants like Le Papillon and Chez TJ, where I feasted on delectables like "California Duck "Salmis" Black Mission Figs, Onion Compote, Port Gastrique". It's nice to have well-off relatives. Here's pop (on the left) and the uncle:

Yes, I'm afraid I'm doomed should I ever try to maintain no genetic relationship to these two. Fortunately I'm not so inclined.

Dad even watched Ann's 1945 girl-outlaw Western Renegade Girl with me, which he thought was pretty cool, despite its ultra-cheap budget. A pretty remarkable film for the time, with Ann as the tough gunslinger who's out to get vengeance on the man who killed her family. Even while looking stunning in cowboy duds she's slugging the cads who try to crawl into her bedroll. Damn, this book's turning out to be fun!