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September 25th, 2008

Signed, sealed, delivered

The contracts on Savage Detours arrived, and will be returned tomorrow duly signed. Strangely enough, our editor is asking for a more explanatory subtitle than The Life and Films of Ann Savage. My co-writer Kent and I kind of scratched our heads over that one...

Most recently viewed: Ever Since Venus, a delightfully goofy musical Ann did while still a Columbia contract player. This was possibly her lone classic ingenue role, playing the sweet girl-next-door, and she pulled it very well, without a hint that, in roughly another year, she would be playing possibly the single most heartless bitch in all of cinema. Amusingly enough, the cute young couple (Ann and co-star Ross Hunter) were named "Brad and Janet". Hmmmm...

Up next: The wildly politically incorrect 1950 jungle movie Pygmy Island. I hear it's short (bah-DUM-bum!).