September 21st, 2008

Dancing in Manhattan

Today's Ann Savage viewing consisted of Dancing in Manhattan, which Ann made in '44 while still at Columbia. The film itself is about as deep as a tissue, but Ann had some nice bits as a grifter trying to steal back money that the two naive leads have accidentally stolen from her. Even in something as trifling as this part she still positively oozed sex appeal and control. A remarkable performer.

Elsewhere...yesterday's signing of Book of Lists: Horror over at Dark Delicacies was a madhouse. They easily went through the entire order of 125 copies, and we all signed other stuff, too. Two of my writing group cohorts Richard Payne and Armand Constantine were there experiencing their first signings, and here are the three of us having a grand time:

(Special thanks to Lisa Majewski for the pic!)

And big hugs to ladyeuthanasia, magicjoe and Thea Gill for showing up to offer moral support!