September 19th, 2008


Last night's research consisted of viewing Ann's 1943 Columbia film Klondike Kate, directed by a youthful William Castle (!). The film, which is more "inspired by" than "based on" the life of a real early 20th-century Yukon dance hall girl, is unfortunately one of those that promises to focus on the female lead and ends up wandering off to the male lead's side before long (who happens to be played here by none other than Ann's Detour co-star Tom Neal, doing his best impression of Clark Gable). But Ann still managed to turn an underwritten role into a little spitfire, and even did her own (very good) singing to boot. Enjoyable enough for a B-programmer, if not quite up there with the more solid B movies like Apology for Murder.

By the way, tomorrow a whole gang of us will be signing the Book of Lists: Horror at Dark Delicacies. Signing's 2 p.m., and there'll be a few very interesting surprise guests, so drop by if you're in the area.