August 14th, 2008

Reeling (but GOOD reeling)

Today's blog entry will be dark and mysterious...

A few days ago I received a most interesting proposal from a publisher I've worked with before (I'm not saying too much about this until more of the deal is set). It involves a new book line. They asked me to submit some ideas for the new line. I did. They liked them. ALL SIX OF THEM.

OMG. I've just possibly created an insane amount of work for myself.

In the meantime, I cross my fingers for taking this all to the president of the company next week. Trust me, this would be unbelievably cool.

In bizarrely related news: I had lunch with an old friend today who is now executor of the estate of a very interesting actress. He's found dozens of her scrapbooks, thousands of photos. He's thinking I should write her biography. I'm thinking he may be right. Oh gawd, more work.