August 13th, 2008

Horror's Hot Men

Both haceldama and nick_kaufmann have recently been blogging about how journalists have a bad tendency to use epithets like "lovely and talented" when introducing female horror writers they've just interviewed.

In the interest of fairly leveling the playing field, I'll soon be demanding interviews with the following: Dashing and metrosexy nick_kaufmann, broodingly hot haceldama, Mediterranean dishy nihilistic_kid, literary and dreamy vince_liaguno, howlin' and hunky sewedel, "Love Me Tender" westonochse, continental and startlingly chic mssrcrankypants, Canadian bakin' jack_yoniga, boy-next-door on the outside but seething-volcanic-passions-on-the-inside magic_joe, and of course all-'round sex god leethomas.

Also: Dapper and Dwight Fry-ishly charming Del Howison, wiry and wicked Rocky Heck, and Texas slab of tasty man-beef Hank Schwaeble.

And Hal Bodner, who really IS lovely and talented.