August 10th, 2008

R. Grove, Ace Reporter

Apparently we really do have two writers in the house now: This week Ricky will be covering the huge Siggraph conference on computer graphics as an official reporter for Renderosity. He's been writing reviews and articles for them for a while, covering everything from software to books, but this will be his first time covering a major event for them as a reporter. He'll be blogging daily at Renderosity, so if you have any interest in computer graphics, gaming, or home computer animation, you should check it out.

He had to register today as Media, and we took the subway down (why on earth didn't I realize that there's a blue-line Metro stop right outside the L.A. Convention Center when I was doing the BookExpo a few months back?). I confess to having a strange liking for subways. I've ridden them in New York, Boston, Hong Kong and L.A., and I always find them interesting. What I especially like about L.A.'s is the wonderful mix of people on them, everything from handsome teenaged Mestizos to elderly Indians. Some of them just ride for a stop or two, and I always wonder where they're going, and where they've been. Today we laughed as we watched a pretty young girl who was probably Filipino playing with her baby, completely unaware that the kid kept hitting some button on the train's wall labeled "EMERGENCY". The button seemed to do absolutely nothing except turn red whenever the kid punched it again, so I'd advise against using it if you ever find yourself in a REAL emergency situation on an L.A. subway train.

There's your safety tip for the day.