August 4th, 2008

Run, Rabbit, Run!

This section was pulled completely at random from a 1949 book on writing:


"First catch your rabbit." In these wise words a French cookery book advises the housewife who would have rabbit for dinner. To know how to cook the rabbit is highly desirable; to have rabbit to cook is even more essential.

Many apprentice-writers find themselves in the same position. They know, roughly at least, the rules of writing; they have a fair idea of characterization and motivation. But the rabbit constantly escapes them. "What shall I write about?" they ask plaintively, often forgetting that a few months before they would have sworn an affidavit as to the vast number of stories they could write in a rush, once they knew the technique of writing.

This article is therefore concerned with catching the rabbit.

Now, before you catch a rabbit, you must be quite sure of a few qualifications on your part. A fairly easy conscience on the subject of rabbits in general is essential. If you see just the rabbit you want, and stop to admire and pity it, there will be no rabbit stew for you that night. The hunter who would have rabbit for dinner must consider every rabbit a potential prey, and stifle his conscience as to what may become of the rabbit's soul once its body has entered the stewpot. If you intend to write stories, you should look upon everything published as affording good material on which to work.

*********************** it just me, or did this guy just advise us to go out and plagiarize without guilt?

Now go out and brain those bunnies!