June 22nd, 2008

Life After Buster

We're coping. In typical girl fashion I've over-indulged this week in the purchase of meaningless luxury items. A trip to Giant Robot in West L.A. today yielded up this pointless object of materialist culture:

(No, smartass, that is NOT me in the photo.)

We also saw the new film by the brilliant Canadian madman Guy Maddin, My Winnipeg. This pseudo-autobiographical personal essay includes sequences like: A seance that turns into a ballet; a river of frozen horse heads that becomes a lover's lane; a segregated boys' swimming pool that plays host to a prepubescent orgy; a tyrannical mother (wonderfully played by Ann Savage) who uses her daughter's car accident to exact a confession of sex; and an endless hallucinogenic ride on a train populated solely by sleeping passengers. For any of you who might feel overwhelmed by big stupid summer movies, My Winnipeg should prove a welcome antidote.

Overheard going into the theater (spoken by an elderly couple to the ticket seller): "We've never been to Winnipeg, so this should be interesting!" You said a mouthful, Grandpa...