June 10th, 2008

I needed that...

I've not been having a great week, what with a very sick cat (he has a blockage in the windpipe), waiting for the vets to decide if they can operate or not, watching my credit card balance go up, being disappointed by the new Argento film (Mother of Tears), can't seem to get my post-BEA energy back, etc.

Then today this cool young guy comes into the bookstore while three of us are working around the front counter. "Can you recommend any good horror books?" he asks. The other two of course remain silent while I field this one. "Have you read anything in the genre you liked?" I ask.

"Yeah, I read that Dark Delicacies book. I liked most of it, but there were a couple I really liked. I think the first one..."

"Ahh," I say, nodding, "yeah, the Bradbury."

"No, not that one," he says. "I think it was the next one, about this guy who..."

At this point snickering is starting to ensue. The kid is smart enough to pick up on this, and ask, "Hey, are...are one of you in the book?"

I fess up. "Yeah, I am. I've got the story about the abalone hunter."

The young fellow's eyes pop a little. "And he's left his wife in the truck, and - ?"


"I LOVED that story, that was the best one. That thing scared the shit out of me!"

Life got a little better after that.

(He ended up leaving with a copy of Salem's Lot, after confessing that the only Kings he'd read were The Tommyknockers and The Dead Zone. We were out of all the other stuff I tried to recommend.)