June 2nd, 2008

It's over!

Yes, my BEA madness is ended. And I've got the sprained back and sore shoulders/feet to prove it.

Did it work? Well...I think so, but truthfully I won't be sure for another month. We gave away hundreds of HWA membership brochures, chatted up lots of worthy folks, and heard lots of "I'm so glad you're finally here" kind of things. So the immediate benefit is that we did indeed promote ourselves and our members successfully, and I believe that alone might have been worth the cost; however, I'd still like to make that money back in new memberships. We'll see.

Now, let the thanking begin:

Sue and Del at Dark Delicacies loaned us or bought for us the fabulous booth decorations that received many compliments throughout the run of the show.

ladyeuthanasia helped me figure out BEA's endless rules, and was very generous in working our table during the show.

I have new big crushes on both Joe McKinney and Gene O'Neill, who provided muscle, company, and personality in helping me move our boxes into the show and then setting up and running the table. And Gene is also the king of downtown drivers - he can chauffeur me any time! Also thanks to Lisa Majewski for the move-in and set-up help.

Big fat thanks to Gregory Lamberson (Mr. BEA - this guy was everywhere with his book Johnny Gruesome!) and Kelly Dunn for running the booth while I couldn't be there on Friday and Saturday. Also thanks to Joe, Gene, Weston Ochse, Del, Michelle Mitchell-Foust, Heather Graham and Alex Sokoloff for taking shifts at the table.

Extra credit to Alex for coming up with a dolly when we needed it on Sunday - I think I owe my non-hospitalization today to Alex!

One more hug each for Kelly and her fabulous hubby Stephen Woodworth for allowing me to conscript them into move-out duties on Sunday.

Thanks to all the authors who signed or sent us material for the table, and especially thanks to Roy at Bad Moon Books for donating a crate of books (Arnzen's The Bitchfight disappeared in record time, lemme tell ya!).

Lastly, thanks to HWA's board for taking the chance and voting this into action. I think it paid off.