May 24th, 2008

The other me

Last night, while going through a stack of old papers looking for something else, I stumbled upon a magazine that I had published several film reviews in under my pseudonym.

A few of you reading this (well, okay - so it's no huge secret and is probably really most of you) know the other me. Maybe you know the history of that name - that I used to do a lot of photography and graphic art for friends, but when the requests for free work started to overwhelm I created this pseudonym as a graceful way to say no ("I think he's really backed up right now, but I'll ask"). Since then, "his" art or photography has appeared in the L.A. Times (a lot), several books, lots of small theater posters and several program books (including two related to the HWA). "He" did a flash animation that appeared on a major DVD release as an easter egg. He had one story professionally published in a major anthology.

And apparently he did movie reviews...although I have absolutely no memory of this. I have no idea why I used this pseudonym on these reviews. It kind of creeps me out that I have not even the vaguest recollection of having done this, even though it was just over ten years ago. Hmmm...what else did I do under that name?

I think I'm falling into Stephen King's The Dark Half.