April 23rd, 2008

Ahhh, nostalgia

A friend sent me one of those "wasn't our childhood wonderful?" things today. You know the kind I'm talking about - the ones that lament the passing of an age when kids fell off a friend's porch and their parents didn't sue, when you could cut meat and vegetables on the same cutting board and not get e-coli, when there were no videogames and kids had to play outside, blahblahandblah.

I am the wrong person to send this crap to. I admit, I may not have been completely diplomatic in my response to my friend, but I was at least brief. Here are a few of the memories of my childhood I did not mention to her:

- Nearly dying at the age of six when a pharmacist mixed up my prescription, then offered nothing more than a shrug when confronted with his mistake.

- Being politely informed that I could no longer invite my best friend over because she was black and it was upsetting to my grandmother and the neighbors.

- Having to spend hours and hours typing up even the shortest things, because my fingers were too weak to push the keys on a manual typewriter.

- Driving my parents crazy begging them to take me to theaters so I could see the same movies over and over (I wanted to study how they were put together, even at a young age)

- Being chastised by my parents for never eating because I was so bored by American cuisine (and my mom's a great cook).

- Looking at every election and thinking how cool it would be to see women actually running for office.

I didn't bother to point out to my friend the irony of sending this nostalgia-sodden message via e-mail, something that didn't exist in the bygone era being lamented. I did say that I for one am far, far happier with things as they are now, and wouldn't go back to that time for all the black-and-white tvs in the world.