April 15th, 2008

2009 Stoker Event

In case you haven't heard by now, the 2009 Stoker Award weekend will be held in Los Angeles (well, okay - Burbank, to be precise). I'll be running this with John Little, who did a fine job organizing HWA's stuff at the recent World Horror Convention in Salt Lake City.

Yeah, I know. I ran the 2005 Stoker weekend in L.A., and here I am signing up again. Call me a glutton for punishment, if you will, but actually...running the 2005 event was fun. And since I will have the marvelous Mr. Little in charge of much of 2009, I think this one will be even more fun. Right now we're thinkin' BIG. Probably too big. But hey, we'll scale back only as we realize some of what we're planning just won't work.

So, what do you kids think - should we have a dealer's room? Film programming? An art show? We've never had those things at a Stoker event, but maybe we will this time around. Got any ideas for great guests? We're working on some of our own, but are open to suggestions. Programming? Since we'll be in L.A., we'll be heavily exploring the screenwriting side of things. Any ideas for how to make this more profitable for the writers?

Let's hear!