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March 17th, 2008

My weekend

I've just returned from a few days in windy Northern California (Silicon Valley, to be precise), visiting dad, the stepmom, and the new stepcat (Spanky). I'm lucky, because my dad's a pretty cool guy. Sure, I grew up being dragged into some of the most forsaken acres on the planet so I could feast my five-year-old eyes on dead deer guts and flopping fish, but heck - we always had great food. Now, at one year away from 80, my pop's still amazingly active and fun to hang with. We managed to avoid any more of those sorts of bizarro hunting trips that lead me to write new horror stories, but we did feast on abalone, venison sausage and duck, and I got to sprawl and entertain myself with faustfatale's delirious whomping-good-time new book Money Shot. Shellfish and porn noir - what's not to love?

Now I've got two frantic weeks to seriously get myself together for the World Horror Convention...pant pant pant...