February 23rd, 2008


Last night I managed to put aside HWA duties for long enough to sprawl with the laptop and work on some writing. I got 1,000 words in on a new short story, then decided to take a break and check out some of the things that came packed into my laptop (I've had it for almost a year, but have never really looked much past my word processing and screenplay programs).

I came across some game called "Insaniquarium". I made the mistake of trying it out. I probably don't need to tell everyone here that it was, of course, visual crack and I was an immediate junkie. I spent the next four hours marveling at this game's cheerful dementia: The goal is keep a tankful of guppies fed while gathering up the money they crap out and keeping The Alien (yes, THE Alien) from eating them. You can add "pets" like Prego, a fat guppy in a babooshka who frequently pops out another fish with a farting noise. All of this gleeful absurdity is accompanied by fantastically cheesy MIDI lounge music.

By the time I stopped playing (at 2 a.m.), I had a callus on my mousing finger, my elbows hurt, and I was left feeling woefully inadequate when it comes to demonstrating true weirdness in the arts. I'm convinced whoever packs computers with these things hates writers.