February 1st, 2008

What now, 2008?

The first month of the year is gone, and I feel like I'm off to a good start, with one new short fiction sale, my first paid reprint sale, and the arrival of my author's copies on A Hallowe'en Anthology (and boy does it look spiffy! McFarland's design and production just gets better and better).

Oh yeah, and I was officially elected to the position of HWA's Treasurer. I was going to say for the first time, but I think I may technically have been elected via write-in votes in the last election. This was just the first time I actually ran for the position. Hey, the race was red-hot but my advisors and I just pulled the campaign out to take the lead!*

Now we'll see if I can manage to sidestep my usual curse, which is to sell in the first two or three months of the year and then crash and burn. Lots of things are bubbling on Lisa's stove (including, oh dear god, a possible screenwriting job), and I'm determined to sell throughout 2008!

*I am, of course, fibbing my head off. No one else is insane enough to run for Treasurer. Ever.