January 19th, 2008

I'm not reprint-challenged any more!

I occasionally feel like the dumbest kid in the writing class. There are tons of things that I just don't get. Like how to get an agent (or at least a good one). Or how to sell anything longer than 5,000 words. Or how to get deals at conventions. Or how to shop a collection.

For years I've flunked out in Reprint Class. I know lots of writers who claim to make a lot of money on reprints, but me...it's always like, "Where do they sell these damn things?! Every market I look at states that they don't buy reprints." I've given one reprint away ("Sane Reaction", to a small French fanzine), but I'd never sold one...

Until now. And I didn't even have to try. I got a lovely e-mail from John Joseph Adams, asking if he could buy my Mondo Zombie story "Sparks Fly Upward" for reprint in his forthcoming anthology No More Room in Hell (to be published by Night Shade).

It's like being told you finally get to graduate high school. Okay, I still don't get people who claim to sell a lot of reprints, but at least it's a start!